Our Rules

To see profiles, images and gellary of our bangladeshi escort girls or angels you have to become our verified member of this website.

Before you become our verified member contact us using our user dashboard which is only available when you are Logged In to our system. Click here to Log In or Register.

Once you are logged In you can apply for your membership through the user dashboard. You will see the details procedure to apply for membership and verification in the user dashboard. We value our clients privacy so do we expect for us and our models.

Once you are our client you will be given new username and password. Using this new username you will be able to access our client dashboard. From the client dashboard you can search and find all hot and elegant bd escorts

Please keep in mind that our angels are available for romantic date, travel or party partner. They will become your escorts for the moments, so do not treat them as call girls. Also as all our angels are of adult, thus anything such as sex, love or any physical interaction will be completely between them with their understanding upon their responsibilities. We are no matter what will be held accountable for such actions. We understand that when you hire an angel for a romantic date or spend private time together you could be intimate as we all have emotions and feelings thus we will never interfare in your ongoing date.

We don't respond to email contacts, so to take our service you must be Logged-In

Register for this site won't make you our member; you have to be member by providing us the membership charge

The free user subscription or registration is to make constant communication with us before you become our member

Why we require membership charge?

Its a very common questions asked by our new clients. There are several reason for this membership charge. We are maintaining a website with huge communication, which requires regular domain, hosting and metanace charge. Plus for your continous support we had to keeep salaried persons in ou support team. We are regularly asked various questions, informations, booking related messages and angels related conversations. For this purpose we need an small amount of charge once in a lifetime from our client. You contribution makes us help to main this website and its content. 

Do not make any contract directly with our angel

You do understand that to run a website, make constant contact with angels and clients require resources. Thus for each successful and completed program we get a very small charge from our angel. Otherwise they are solely enjoy their own wage.

If we find that any angel is making contract or booking outside our acknowledgement we will immediately remove that angel from our system and will not ever allow them to have any booking through our site. This will ultimately harm their career and have long term impact on their path. Thus we strongly suggest you to not make direct booking with angels. This will not help them by saving small amount of money but can destroy their reputation and career.

How booking works

When you are logged in to your dashboard, you can immediately and directly send request for a booking. But requesting a booking does not mean that the angel must be available at that moment. Our executives will directly contact that specific angel once requested to book. After confirming with angel the executive will contact to you and make sure you are still interested and ready. Incase any angel is not available our executive will request you to make another request or he/she may give you some alternative choice.

Always prepared to have some alternative option when booking to an angel. We are not a provider, rather we are the intermediate between you and the angel before making any contract. Any angel have right to deny any booking or client meeting before confirmation.

What does booking means? Before confirming you the booking means you are requesting if an angel is available or not at the day and time you wish to meet her. Once our executive confirm the she is available then its a confirmed booking and the angel must not deny her presence at the fixed time and place unless there is a true emergency.