Before you are decided to join us you need to be certain about things. We are escort agency not call girls provider, so you have be educated as most of our clients are high profile and educated. You have to ask yourself some questions, do you want this career (its certainly gives you some instant money but does it worthy), are you independent and can handle your emotions and can you really enjoy what you do? Here are some insights for you.

Are you Ready

If have already decided that you want to join, then you are already half on your way. For some its only the earning, for some its fun, some girls do it to taste different. All we know is whoever you are, whatever you are you will be our angel. 

Will you Enjoy

We all have to enjoy our work no matter what the job is. If you can't enjoy your work you can't survive here. Even the wet cleaner enjoys their work and do their living. We may not choose out life but wen can certainly enjoy what we have.


The most common question is why any do the escort job. The answer is really simple and straight forward. Its the instant cash reward. 


Certaining doing the escort job will not give you social status or even you have to hide your profession but the society will not help you either, unless you are helping yourself.


No, there is no future in this profession for anyone but you can fullfill you other dreams from here and escape from this life anytime once you are done.



How to join as Escort

STEP-1: Signup/Register to our site as a general user to communicate with us.

STEP-2: Once you are Logged-In you can see from your dashboard a menu for support. Open a support ticket saying that you want to be an escort

STEP-3: Once you opened a support ticket, you can ask details about how this sie work, about your quesries or agreement

STEP-4: When we come to an agreement that you want to work with us, we will include you in our database. You will also given a private dashboard with username and password.

STEP-5: WHen a booking is ordered for you, we will contact you and confirm the booking with your consent.


Security and Disclosure

You may ask how we protect your data and identity. Here are some tips for you: (1) We will never disclose your real name and identity (2)We will never disclose your real mobile number or email address (3) We will never disclose your social media profile to any of our client. 

Some more security points: (1) Our incall locations are very discreet (2) All of our clients are either old or verified client (3) Our vendors are from trusted source.