What is the difference between prostitutes and escorts

Category: Discussion | Posted on: Monday, October 8, 2018
Posted by: Angel of Dhaka Desk

This is very common mistakes by people of our society. They often thing that escorts are protitutes. Well, if think so you are wrong both in term and concepts. Here are some insights that will make rethink whether escorts are prostitutes or not.


Escorts are often called personal entertainers. They are educated and equipped to make your moments memorable by taking care of your emotions, gossiping, dating even dancing with you. Escorts often travel with their clients as equal partner and make their journey more enjoyable. There are some escorts in wester country who provide adult entertaiment such stripping, dancing and seducing. Mostly escorts provide dating service in private or public. There are incidence where sex happens between the escort and client but it is never in their hiring agreement. No client can force an escort to have sex with him/her, therefore it is completely btween them and like all other people their personal matter.


Prostitutes  are hired for sex. They are strictly come an agreement for having intercource for a certain period of time. Prostitutes are not personal entertainer and not equipped for dating or travelling. Mostly they work in a specific area and do not need to be educated for this purpose. There are no agreement except sex betweeen prostitutes and their client. 


In summary, prostitutes sell sex, where escorts sell their time. Escorts are no way bound to have intercource with their client.